Happy New Year! I hope you rang in 2023 safely and that you’re as eager as I am to get this new year started. We’re kicking 2023 off with a big announcement, one I’m so excited to share with you. I’ve joined the National Association of Speciality & Senior Move Managers

NASMM is your one-stop place to find senior move specialists whose sole focus is to help reduce the stress of moving for seniors. We also help to save money and produce quality results.

Why did I join this incredible group of people?

Because as someone who specializes in downsizing, decluttering, and moving, I wanted to bring my expertise to something that was global. And the NASMM is a leading organization in the United States, Canada, and abroad. 

There was no other competition. I knew this group was right for me the moment I learned about them.

There are over a thousand senior move specialists in the NASMM and our aim is to provide a unique experience to each client’s individual needs. This does not differ from what I provide now to my regular clients, which is why I knew joining this organization was the best thing for me and my business.

What does it mean to be a senior move management specialist?

The NASMM takes educating its specialists very seriously because finding good moving help for seniors shouldn’t be a hassle. Families need to trust the people they’re hiring to help their elder family members find new homes without unnecessary headaches or stress.

As a senior move management specialist, I can help with the following:

  • Decluttering, downsizing, and general organizing
  • Unpacking items at the new location
  • Hiring and supervising professional movers or packers
  • Disposing of unwanted items thoughtfully through several means like auctions, estate sales, consignment, donations, and more
  • Helping to hire professionals in the areas of cleaning, waste removal, shopping, and more

To learn about the services I’ll be able to offer, contact me today.

The best part is NASMM specialists may not always be needed to help seniors move. Many seniors prefer to “age in place,” though they require organizing professionals to come in and assist them with general decluttering and sorting.

As an organizing professional, adding this to my resume was an easy decision.

The quality I bring to my everyday organizing clients will be the same ones I bring to seniors looking for this type of service.

Does being a senior move specialist mean I’m giving up other services?

Absolutely not! My passion is and will continue to be helping others organize their lives so they can live peacefully and mindfully without clutter. You can still book me for your general organizing and decluttering needs. 

If you’re not sure if clutter is affecting your life, take my free quiz and see how I can help improve the state of your home.

Providing moving help for seniors is something I’ve done in the past and joining NASMM simply means I’ll be able to help more.

Moving, in and of itself, is stressful enough. I’ve talked extensively about it on my blog. You can read one post here. And seniors, especially those who may live alone or don’t have family nearby, are susceptible to being taken advantage of if they’re not careful.

Senior move management is all about helping them transition seamlessly and with as much assistance as possible. To give you some perspective, according to America’s Health Rankings, there are about 56 million people in the United States 65 years or older. That number came directly from the U.S. Census Board.

And while many seniors are still capable of moving on their own, there are many others who need additional assistance. As a senior move specialist with the NASMM, my mission is to provide them with a stress-free transition that eliminates them needing to do just about anything.

How moving help for seniors is an amazing opportunity for organizing specialists

As a professional organizer, I am always looking for new ways to bring my skills to those in need. People from all walks of life require a little help every now and then, especially with organizing and decluttering.

This is especially true for people who find it difficult to let go of items because of sentimentality or those who are unable to do the work themselves.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to falls, injury, and other harmful side effects. If they attempt to do something too strenuous, given the state of their body and/or mind, they may do more harm than good. That’s why hiring professionals is always the best option.

And for their adult children or grandchildren who may not be around or live near them, finding that help can be tedious and overwhelming. That’s why organizations, like the NASMM, came into existence. 

They knew there was a need for these types of people and they train, educate, and hire the best of the bunch. For these adult children, knowing organizations like this one exists gives them peace of mind knowing they are hiring the best help for the seniors in their life. 

And while it may seem cliche, protecting our seniors is something we should all be willing to do. Why? Because those older than us are full of wisdom, lived advice, and encouragement. Who hasn’t been pulled into a story by their grandparent about a time long before cell phones and streaming services?

What I hope to bring to the lives of the seniors I plan on helping is peace. Comfort and tranquility are two words I strive to bring to all of my clients because we all deserve to live a life of comfort and peace.

Being a senior move specialist will be no different. And even though this is a new and exciting expansion of my services, I will still continue to do general organizing, decluttering, and unpacking for clients of all ages. 

I am so excited to share more about this amazing new opportunity with you. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and organizing tips. And together let’s work to make 2023 a great year by vowing to get organized and let go of stuff that is no longer serving our needs. I’m here to help if you need it.

To learn more about the NASMM, click here, and if you want to know how I can help, schedule a free consultation call today. I can’t wait to be of service to you.



Photo: Eduardo Barrios

Let’s Talk About Senior Move Management and My New Exciting Announcement

January 16, 2023

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