Sleep is an essential part of our daily routine. Without proper sleep, you can’t hope to function well and that will hinder your ability to do your best work or be present. If you want to improve your sleep, you first need to look at your bedroom setup. Is it conducive to inspiring sleep, or is it full of clutter and distractions?

Today, I want to share some simple ways you can transform your bedroom so it becomes a sleep oasis rather than a sleep deprivation chamber. This will require a bit of discipline since a relaxing bedroom means getting rid of a ton of things that don’t belong.

Here are some quick and easy changes to make to transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis

#1 — Remove ALL electronics

I know you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating because of how many people still don’t do it. If you have a difficult time falling asleep at night, maybe you’re using too many electronics before bed. This includes your phone, television, tablet, etc.

One of the fastest ways to improve sleep and transform your bedroom is to remove every single electronic from it. Charge your phone in another room and use a regular alarm clock. Keep tablets elsewhere and if you can, take your television out of the room.

What are you supposed to do to help lull you to sleep instead? Read a book or journal. You can also try meditating. 

When you remove electronics from your bedroom, you’re turning it into a relaxing space. You will not get distracted by all the chiming notifications and binge-worthy shows. You’ll be surprised how fast your sleep will improve simply by removing every electronic from the space.

#2 — Hide your wires

If you must keep some electronics in your room, a trick you can do to improve the quality of the space is to hide the wires. Wires are an eyesore that can be hard to conceal. And since we often need them to charge our phones or tablets, we need easy access to them.

But you can hide them while still keeping them accessible. Get yourself a wire box like this one from Marie Kondo. It’s basic in style and can be neatly placed behind furniture or under beds for concealment. 

 When you take the time to hide your wires, you’re doing a few things to improve your bedroom setup. For starters, you’re saving yourself from having tripping hazards all over your floor. And second, you’re removing unnecessary clutter, which helps to make a relaxing bedroom state.

#3 — Add some greenery

One reason people have a hard time falling asleep is that the air quality in their room is not the best. You can improve this by adding a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on what you need. But there is a faster and cheaper solution: adding some plants.

Plants are great additions to a bedroom because they do several things that help make it a sleep oasis. Their primary function is purifying the air and the type of plant or plants you add will improve the air quality before you know it.

Adding a touch of greenery also inspires you to get out in nature more. Caring for the plants gives you a sense of purpose. And once you note the better sleeping conditions because of them you’re going to want to ensure they thrive. So if you’re looking for a quick win to transform your bedroom, buy yourself a plant or two.

#4 — Update your linen & sleepwear

Improved sleep is not only about what surrounds you, but what you sleep in and on. That’s why you should look into updating your linen. If you find you sweat a lot during the night, look into getting linen that regulates your body temperature. If you are colder at night, heated or weighted blankets might be your better bet.

Quality linen helps transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis because when you’re comfortable, you’re going to sleep better. But it’s not just your linen you should look at. It’s also your sleepwear.

Silk and satin pajamas are ideal for regulating body temperature, while flannel is best for those who are cold while sleeping. If you live in an area with all four seasons you may need spring and summer pajamas/linen and fall and winter pajamas/linen.

Spending on good quality linen and sleepwear will improve your sleep instantly. Though it’s vital that you do some research before buying the first thing you see.

#5 — Add some aromatherapy

There have been countless studies done showing how aromatherapy helps in many situations. From stress and anxiety to improved sleep. That’s why a quick fix to turn your bedroom into a sleep oasis is adding a diffuser.

One of the best practices is to diffuse a scent that aids in sleep—-like lavender or chamomile—-an hour before you go to bed. This will ensure the scent fills the room and so when you’re ready for bed, it’s already a relaxing environment.

Avoid candles as you may forget to blow them out. And if you’re not interested in a diffuser, you can opt instead for lavender mist spray. Adding a few sprays to your pillowcase or around your bed will encourage sleep as you settle in for the night.

#6 — Change your lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in your sleep patterns and so another simple change you can make is upgrading the lighting in your bedroom. This involves nothing more than switching out the bulbs you’re currently using. 

For example, the two best types of bulbs for your bedroom are either LED lights or halogen incandescent bulbs. Both of them emit a calm brightness and soothing color. These are important factors in aiding in deep sleep because the harsher the light, the more stimulated your eyes become.

If you’re unable to change your ceiling bedroom lights, then use one of these bulbs in a nightstand lamp. An hour before bed, keep the ceiling lights off and rely only on the lamps. Sometimes a simple lighting upgrade can transform your bedroom into a relaxing area.

#7 — Try a sound machine

Are you someone who falls asleep to the sound of the television? Or maybe you fall asleep to the sounds outside your window? If so, look into adding a sound machine. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of sound machines available that play more than nature noises.

Hatch, for example, is an alarm clock and sound machine. They offer a ton of different sounds to help lull you to sleep. 

How can sound machines improve your quality of sleep? They give you something to focus on. And if you want to transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis, a sound machine can give you that.

What you need to figure out is what kind of sound you prefer. But the best part is most sound machines now offer a wide range of noises to choose from. So you’re bound to find the one that suits you best.

#8 — Keep clutter out

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention clutter and its horrible effects on your sleeping patterns. In fact, you can read all about it here. If you want a quick win in transforming your bedroom into a sleep oasis then you need to declutter it.

And I mean really declutter. Clear surfaces, pick items up off the floor, and find a permanent home for things that don’t belong. The benefits you’ll see to your sleep when you do a little decluttering and organizing are amazing.

But the most important part is keeping your bedroom clutter-free. It’s fine to have a few clothes on your bed, but before you go to sleep, hang them up or put them in the hamper. Don’t go to sleep with items on the floor or with your surfaces crowded. Otherwise you’ll think about them all night and that will hinder your sleep.

When figuring out how to best transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis, you need to ask yourself what keeps you from sleeping soundly. Is it your phone? Are your sheets uncomfortable? Do you have too much clutter?

Once you know what distracts you from sleeping, you can tackle it and then take the next step. What matters most is making your bedroom conducive to a good night’s sleep. Because without that, you can’t hope to live your life to the best of your ability.

Need help in getting your bedroom into that relaxing state? I can help! Schedule your free consultation call today and let’s see how we can transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis together.


Patricia Ramos

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8 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Oasis

December 9, 2022

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