By the time the moving truck is empty and driven away, all you can think about is rest. Still, with your whole life still in boxes, it turns out another journey awaits you.

Even though you are excited to be in your new place, chances are you have no energy to unpack more than the bare necessities. You may end up waiting days, weeks, months, or even years before you are able to tackle ALL THE BOXES on your own. Moving is hard, but a new place offers a unique opportunity to start fresh.

My Unpack and Relax Packages cover all the details so you will be enjoying your new home in no time. Plus, I’ll set up organizing systems that will empower you to keep clutter at bay by yourself. By the end of our unpacking and new home set up sessions, you will have a home fully planned and organized to make your everyday life easier and more efficient.

Here’s what to expect when you move into your new home with Order & Bliss:

  • Professional unpacking
  • Personalized organizing systems
  • Floor plan development
  • Space set up (from furniture placement to decoration)
  • Storage advice for kitchen, closets, basement, attic, garage
  • Furniture suggestions (if extra storage is needed)

New Home Set Up Services

3 Ways I Can Ease Your Moving Process:

Declutter before you pack up and move so you take less with you

Connect you with local resources to donate what you no longer need

Plan out your new space and provide storage advice and systems so the move is easy

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