It’s common to have an idea of what organization is, without actually being accurate about it. When I started my business, I thought organization was mostly organize objects and find a home for belongings. The experience brought me to the realization that organization spreads wide touching our sense of self, the quality of our sleep, how productive we can be, how attentive we are with our loved ones.

If you feel the desire to reduce and simplify, I invite you to look into the most common beliefs about organization by Julie Morgenstern, the first organizing guru, author of Organizing from Inside Out.

  1. Organizing is a mysterious talent. Some lucky people are born with it, while others, like you, are left to suffer

    Fact: Organizing is a skill, remarkably simple skill that any person can learn. When you keep your mind open and curious you realize organization is more about you than your belongings. You can learn how to be organized, once you declutter. When the excess is gone and you are left only with what really matters, you will see that organization is indeed something you can learn.

  2. Getting organized is an overwhelming, hopeless chore

    Fact: No matter the scope of the project, no matter what you are organizing, getting it done boils down to the same very same predictable process. Once you’ve mastered it, you will find out that organizing can be an incredible cleansing and empowerment – an exhilarating way of freeing yourself up and maintaining a steady life course on a complex world.

  3. It’s impossible to stay organized.

    Fact: Organizing is sustainable if your system is built around the way you think and designed to grow and adapt with you as your life and work change. It is when the organizing system is a poor fit for you that maintenance is a difficult chore. Just like eating well and exercising, organizing requires monitoring and ongoing effort until it becomes a habit.

  4. Organizing is a non-productive use of time

    Fact: Life today moves more rapidly than it did fifty years ago and will continue to accelerate in the years ahead, presenting us with more opportunities and ever-greater demands on our time and ability to make choices. In a environment like this, those who are organized will thrive. You can no longer afford not be be organized.

4 misconceptions about organization

March 4, 2021