When I was 7 years old in Brazil, my mom got married, and in three years my life completely changed. From a lonely kid, to becoming the older of four siblings. I remember my change of status now with a heart full of love and good memories. But back then, it felt like I was on a rollercoaster. We shared a room for few years, while the new house was under construction and boy, how I missed my own little space.

It took me a few years, but in between chores and taking care of toddlers, I realized I could escape the “mess” anytime, through organization. It started as a way to gain some control and slowly, it became a practice. I had no idea I was using organization as a coping mechanism but it came naturally, creating a mental space, a quiet undertone that helped me to feel grounded.

My relationship with organization grew over the years, getting stronger with every challenge I faced. Finishing college, getting a master’s degree, raising kids, setting goals, starting over in another country. All my life transitions were fueled, prepared, and executed with the organization skills I’ve gathered along my journey. Organization made me stronger, wiser, more creative. It helped me to keep a clear view of my troubles, without getting swamped by them.

When I created Order & Bliss, it was natural for me to bring peace of mind into it. Little did I know that in the following years, several studies would point to the negative effects of clutter on our mental and physical health. In other countries as well, but especially in America, one can feel trapped by their own belongings. And as Peter Wash would say: “ When you can’t let your stuff go, your stuff won’t let you move forward”.

Without organization, any life transition can become a monster, where you freeze, lost in decisions, without even being able to understand why. Clutter ignites our fears and that becomes very apparent when we are dealing with the unexpected. When time is short and life demands a lot from us, organization can create a structure, a frame to help you keep your mind open and quiet. From this space, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Can organization create peace of mind?

March 3, 2021