Our office had a difficult move ahead. We were leaving a 2,000 sq ft house that we had occupied for over 30 years and were going to temporary offices (2 rooms and a hallway), with a majority of our files, cabinets, furniture, etc. going into storage. Patricia came and helped us organize by color-coding everything in the office, so we knew what was moving to temporary office, what was moving to storage and what was being discarded. From there she systematically wrapped (if needed) and boxed items, even labelling some files for us. She was swift, efficient, extremely pleasant to have in the office and helpful with organizing advice. When the movers arrived, Patricia was there guiding them and continuing to pack and arrange things. It took 4 men, 2 trucks and 2 days (including 2 runs to the dump) to complete the move! Thankfully Patricia was here for this. I did my share of packing my desk and unpacking, but she did the bulk of the packing, including running up and down stairs for the entire 2 days! It was a delight to have her here and have her do such great work for us. Thank you, Patricia! You are amazing! We’ll be moving again soon, and will have her help us if she is available!

Wendy Siegel

January 20, 2021