Few months ago I decided I was going to work towards a handstand. The famous yoga inversion is very challenging since it requires deep body awareness and control. So I hired a personal trainer and began the foundational work. There are few ways to get into a handstand but all require full acceptance of the risk of falling. I’ve been afraid of heights since I can remember and now, on top of that, I’m afraid to fall on my own head. How to work around this?

Fears can shrink our world little by little and prevent us from making changes in our lives. When we are talking about organization and how we relate with our space, it’s safe to say that we carry fears that prevent us from living with balance. Our habits shape our home and the space reflect it all back to us, defining our identity and displaying what we consider of value.

My daughter fears she will loose her creativity if her organizes her desk. Another common fear is to make a mistake, throw something away and realize later that was something important. Some fears are rooted in our childhood, like the fear of scarcity, that pushes us to overstock food, per example. Others are fueled by a stressed brain under excessive stimuli, the curse of living in a cluttered space.

What we fear can define us, but the way I see it, fears are reminders of what we need to overcome. When you recognize which fear is holding you back, you start a honest and intimate conversation with yourself about your belongings. Only letting go of the excess you will get in contact with what really matters to you. And once you clarify that, you will see that your organizing fears are just an invitation to grow and to update your space, so it can express your best self.



What is holding you back?

March 10, 2021