When you decide to sell your home, it’s a major decision. It requires time, commitment, and energy. And there are common selling mistakes people make when embarking on this journey.

Making these mistakes won’t ruin your chance of selling. But it’s good to know ahead of time how you can avoid them. This way you have the absolute best chance to sell.

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes home sellers make

#1 — Setting an unrealistic price

Choosing the right price for your home is a key factor. It’s also one of the more challenging aspects of selling your home. Why? Because choosing the wrong price can make or break your sale.

Setting an unrealistic price is one of the biggest mistakes home sellers make. Whether you use a real estate agent or not, it’s important to do your research and figure out the best price for your home.

Even if you think your home is worth more, you want to set a price that is competitive, yet marketable. Real estate agents can help determine this, but more on them in a minute.

Your aim when setting a price for your home is to make sure you’re not undervaluing your home. At the same time, you don’t want to overprice it as this could limit the number of offers you get.

#2 — To use or not use a real estate agent

I mentioned before that selling a home is a major time commitment. It requires constant updates, market research, and patience. One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is taking too long to decide if they should use a real estate agent or not.

There are pros and cons to hiring a real estate agent. For one, they know the market. It’s their job. They’ll be able to market your home in ways you won’t. They have negotiating skills and can expertly show your house to potential buyers.

The downside to real estate agents is their commission fees. And you want to make sure you’re hiring someone who has had successful sales. That’s why doing research ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches.

If you choose to go with a real estate agent, get as much information about them as you can. And if you choose to not go with one, it couldn’t hurt to get some feedback from one. Whatever you decide, take the time to think about it.

#3 — Selling during the off-season

The selling market, like any business, has on and off-seasons. Those vary depending on your state, but often the winter months are slower than others. Choosing when to put your home on the market is a common selling mistake.

If you decide in September to sell, it might be beneficial to wait until the new year to put your home on the market. This will give you time to do your market research, which includes choosing a real estate agent (if you’re going that route).

Deciding to sell and putting your home on the market immediately isn’t the ideal option. You need time to get things in order, prepare yourself, and choose the best price and option for you and your family.

Learn your area’s peak selling season to give you a huge selling advantage. You’ll also see what’s sold in the area, which is good for determining your price.

#4 — Poor paper management

Remember how I said you need time to get things in order before selling? Paperwork is one of them. Having poor paper management is one of the biggest mistakes home sellers make. It might surprise you to learn how much paperwork goes into selling your home.

If you’re using a real estate agent, they’ll know exactly what you need and take care of it for you. But if you’re selling on your own, it’s important to know all the paperwork you’ll need to see the sale through.

The most important paperwork you’ll need is proper home insurance. Take the time to ensure it’s updated and up to code. Remember that certain amenities need different insurance and policies like having a pool.

Having all your paperwork up to date will make the transition far less stressful.

#5 — Bad or limited listing photos

Technology has made sharing your home listing a lot easier. People can browse the property on websites and make a judgment call on whether they want to see more. Yet one of the most common selling mistakes people make is posting bad quality photos of their home. Or not enough.

When you’re preparing to sell, you want your home to look as comfortable to potential buyers as possible. It’s important to take the time to stage your home and take high-quality photos. That includes every room, every corner, and every angle.

A real estate agent will again be a huge help in this area. They know photographers who can come in and take professional shots of your home. But if you want to cut costs and take the photos yourself, make sure you do it on a sunny day.

Use a wide-angle lens and highlight the essential parts of the room. The truth is you can never have too many photos. But it’s important to make sure they’re clear, crisp, and high-quality.

#6 — Ignoring major repairs

Inspections are essential to any home sale. So if you think you can ignore any major repairs and hope they’re not going to be noticed, you’re going to be in for a surprise.

If you decide to sell your home, take time to evaluate everything. And I mean everything. Make a note of things that need to be repaired and get them done before listing. Especially major ones.

Don’t fret over a minor paint job. The new owners may do that themselves. But if your hot water heater is on its way out or you have a code violation, it’s vital you take care of that as soon as you’re able.

This will not only improve the value of your home, but it will save you a ton of hassle and wasted time. If you don’t plan on doing major repairs, know it may turn away potential buyers. This runs the risk of your home being on the market for a while.

#7 — Not getting yourself organized for the sell/move

You’ve made the decision to sell. That, in and of itself, is a major transition. But one of the most common selling mistakes people make is focusing too much on the decision and not getting themselves organized for the move.

When you decide to sell, you need to worry more about the sale itself. You need to mentally and physically prepare yourself and your family for the move ahead. Do you already have a new home? Start packing and bringing things over.

If you put all your energy into selling your home, you’re going to find moving stressful. And if you don’t take the time to prepare things and get yourself organized, it’s going to be a disaster. This is another reason why a real estate agent is helpful. They’ll handle the selling part while you focus on the move.

So make sure you give ample time to both selling and moving. Create an action plan and get things in motion. Once you do, you’ll feel more in control, which is a huge stress reliever when it comes to selling your home.

Don’t let these common selling mistakes keep you from moving forward in life. Choosing to sell your home might seem daunting at first. But with the right research and the right people at your side, you can make it happen.

I offer two types of services in the field of moving: downsizing and senior moving management. You’ll be in capable hands when you work with me and together, we’ll make this transition as seamless as possible.

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Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make and How You Can Avoid Them

May 24, 2022

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