It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you to hear that the local real estate market is on fire. Many homeowners looking to sell saw their home prices go up by 28% in 2021. And with the inventory being at a record low, it’s an ideal time to get ready to sell.

Emphasis on ready to sell. Homeowners don’t realize there is a lot to do to prepare their homes for the market. But they have no idea where to start or how to begin.

Here is a checklist of the things you need to focus on to get your home ready to sell

#1 — Declutter your attic, garage, and basement

One of the first things you should tackle when preparing to move is decluttering it. As in your entire house.

Too often people forget about the endless storage collected in their attics, garages, and/or basements. These are the areas you want to focus your decluttering efforts on the most. You may even want to start with them.

Why? Because there are many things stored there that you probably don’t need anymore. Give yourself plenty of time to do this task. Especially if you have all three. See what you can sell, donate, or recycle. Then finish up with the rest of the house.

#2 — Get your papers in order

Paper management is one of those things you think you have a grip on and then you don’t. Before you know it, a fresh pile of paper has formed on the kitchen counter. You have no idea how it got there. You sort through it, but another one takes its place.

Getting your home ready to sell should definitely include dealing with paper clutter.

This means keeping on top of your mail each day. Shredding or recycling papers you no longer need and filing away ones you do need in an organized manner.

If you can, keep all your papers together in a single box or filing cabinet. It will make moving them easier and less of a hassle to organize when you arrive at your new home.

#3 — Deep clean your entire home

Once you’ve decluttered your home and have your papers in order, the next step is to give your home a good, deep clean. Top to bottom. Corner to corner.

If this is a task beyond your capabilities right now, hire a service to come and do it for you. But don’t do this task too early. Save it for a week before you’re about to show your home.

If you’re using a realtor, they may know a service or two that will do this for you. They may even set it up. But if you’re adamant about doing it yourself, make sure you give yourself a few days to complete the task.

Whatever you do, don’t try to do it all in one day. Break up rooms per day and do one thing at a time.

#4 — Schedule a power wash

When was the last time you power-washed your windows and house in general? Getting your home ready to sell is the perfect time to check this item off of your to-do list.

Decide on what you prefer to do: rent the necessary equipment and do it yourself. Or hire a professional service. If you’re going to use a service, make sure to schedule them as soon as possible.

These types of companies have peak seasons like everyone else. With the market doing as well as it is, they are probably booking quickly. So get on the phone and give them a call today.

#5 — Note repairs and work on them

As you declutter and deep clean your home, you’ll most likely come across a few things that need repair. Make a list of all the things you notice. Sit down with your spouse and prioritize them.

Once you know what repairs you want to focus on first, find a professional and schedule them as soon as possible. Know any local handymen or women? Call them up too. The more options you have, the faster you’ll get it fixed.

Professionals are super busy so you’ll want to call them once you know what you need them for. Seriously, don’t wait on this. It’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting your home ready to sell.

If you’re able to complete some of the repairs, do what you can. But save the larger stuff for the professionals. This way you know it’s done and done correctly.

#6 — Begin your early move preparation

Something you can do to help reduce some stress is to start packing whatever you won’t need. At least, not until the move. If it’s summer, pack up all your winter stuff. This includes winter equipment, clothes, and more.

Get those boxes in storage or pile them up in a certain area of your attic, garage, or basement. Label them clearly so you don’t mix them up with stuff you’re looking to get rid of.

By getting certain stuff packed now, you’ll have less to pack when the time comes. This is also a good time to stock up on moving supplies. Or to make a list of the things you’ll need to buy.

#7 — Stage your home for potential buyers

Many homes sell without furniture inside, but staging gives your home a higher chance of success.

Why? Because people want to see the potential the home can be for them. Even having a few staple pieces like couches, TV stands, and bookshelves can give a home an elevated touch of appeal.

So when you’re ready to sell, do a little home staging or hire a professional.

If you’re starting to see a lot of dollar signs, you’re not wrong. Selling a home can be just as expensive as buying a new one. Make sure you budget for all this stuff when making your plans.

#8 — Do some yard care

Finally, if you live in a home with a yard, make sure to give it some tender loving care. Potential buyers with young kids want to see a comfortable, safe space they can play in.

Sprucing up your yard makes your home more appealing. You don’t have to go crazy and install a firepit or rose garden. Simply cleaning up any dead leaves, grass, branches, and more can show buyers the space in a new light.

Take note of your shed, if you have one. Does it need to be patched up? Repaired or replaced? Are there cracks in the patio or are the stairs wobbly? Get that yard up to snuff and watch buyers eye’s light up when they see it.

If this all seems like a lot to get your home ready to sell, it is. Selling and moving is a big life change, but the good news is you don’t have to go at it alone.

I’m more than happy to step in and help you with this transition.

I have two packages available that will help you get your house ready to sell.

The Legacy Package includes:

  • Detailed sorting
  • Categorizing and purging
  • Memorabilia care
  • Vital documents and paper management
  • Organization
  • Move out cleaning
  • Home staging

Our Estate Clear Out Package is a speedy process, where no sorting and categorizing is done – only purging. Once we’re finished, we do home staging.

Want to learn more about these packages? Contact me today and we’ll schedule a call. Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to be a nuisance. We can help!


Patricia Ramos

Photo: Brendan Stephens

8 Things You Must Do to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

May 4, 2022

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