Keeping a car organized is not easy. In the rush of our daily lives, you bring and take things out of your car every day. Children leave toys behind, the friends you give a ride to forget something.

But there is nothing worse than being away from home and forgetting something you need. And there are a lot of things you need to travel with for safety and comfort. That’s where having an organized car comes into play.

But you might wonder: Where do I put all this without making a mess in the trunk? Believe it or not, your trunk isn’t your only option.

We believe there are simple answers to most organization problems. So I sought easy car organizing tips that work on any budget and any car.

Take a look at these 5 car organizing tips created just for you

#1 — Keep your car clean

Any big organizing project begins with a good clean. You can’t hope to organize any space well until you know exactly what you’re working with. That’s why when organizing your car, the first thing you need to do is remove everything. Don’t forget the glove box! And make sure to check under all the seats.

Once it’s cleared out, vacuum and dust the interior. This process gives you a fresh slate to start with. Make it a habit to give your car a clean like this twice a year. In between seasons is another good schedule to follow.

In order to keep your car consistently clean, keep a handheld vacuum and trash can inside the car. If your car is too small for a can, opt to keep a dedicated trash bag. By making a conscious effort to throw trash in there instead of on the floor, you’re going to keep your car clutter-free between cleans.

#2 — Organize the glove box

The glove box in cars is like a junk drawer in homes. It becomes an abyss for things you don’t need or simply want to get out of the way. This can make finding what you need a frustrating task because you sift through all the unnecessary items inside for that one thing.

We mentioned before that when you remove everything from your car, do not forget the glove box. That doesn’t mean once the car is clean, you put everything back the way it was. First, sort through the stuff you removed and separate it into piles.

Throw away expired paper or cards. Discard any trash that may have ended up in there. For current and updated paperwork that needs to go back in your car, get a small accordion file folder. It’s a great method for storing your car’s registration, insurance, and any other documentation.

Be conscious of what you store inside the glove box. Don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary stuff. Once you notice it becoming too full, empty it out and start from scratch.

#3 — Keep the backseat organized

When you have kids, the backseat of your car can quickly become a war zone. Impossible to keep clean with forgotten toys and snacks splattered across the floor. Here’s some good news: when organizing your car it is possible to keep your backseat in order.

How? By using over-the-seat organizers. There are a variety of different options available. You’ll need to pick one designed for your specific needs. These organizers keep things more organized as well as make it easier for your kids to reach what they need.

They’re perfect for long or short trips. But they’re not only for people with kids. Individuals can gain just as much from them. They’re great for storing drinks and snacks for road trips. Or you can slip your purse inside for extra protection.

So when you organize your car, check out the options, and before buying, figure out exactly what you need. This way you buy one that’ll match your needs instead of you forcing it to work for your needs.

#4 — Create calm

We all have a love/hate relationship with driving. Road trips, for example, and driving across the country are wonderful experiences to have. But commuting to work, sitting in hours-long traffic, and dealing with detours can quickly turn a trip sour.

That’s why we recommend you attach an essential oil diffuser to the air vent. These little products pack a powerful punch. You can get pre-filled ones or ones that you add your favorite scent to. Either way, essential oils can bring instant calm to a car.

If essential oils aren’t your thing, you can opt for a good old-fashioned air freshener. Be conscious of the scent though, as one that emits too strongly can cause headaches. You can also create your own refresher spray using water and a few drops of essential oil. Keep it in your glove box and spritz the car whenever you feel like it needs it.

Creating a sense of calm in your vehicle will make those dreary commutes a little easier to manage. Aromatherapy is also great for easing your frustrations after a tough day. So don’t be afraid to bring your favorite scent into your car to make it feel more comfortable and peaceful.

#5 — Give your items a home

We’ve mentioned in previous posts the organizing motto, a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s the main thing professional organizers get their clients to learn. When you make it a habit to put things back where they belong, you’re going to find it easier to keep things organized.

Your car is no different. This is why emptying it out is the first step because you’re then able to determine where you want to keep things. For example, we said your glove box should be the area you keep your car documentation. The center console might be a good place for storing small towels or the refresher spray we talked about earlier.

It’s the trunk that most people have the biggest issue with. That’s why we suggest buying a trunk organizer. Like over-the-seat organizers, sizes vary so you’ll need to plan before buying one.

Do you like to keep blankets and emergency items in your car? Use the trunk organizer to store them. This also comes in handy when putting groceries in the back. It’ll keep them from sliding and spilling over.

Other things you can use to amplify the organization of your car include a hook for your purse, a cell phone holder, and a side pocket organizer.

When it comes to organizing your car, your focus needs to be on your specific needs. Don’t buy an organizer if you don’t know what you’re going to do with it. Instead, focus on what you use in your car on a daily basis. Make a list and buy items according to that.

And remember to give your car a deep clean every three to six months. During this time, you can access the items you have and decide to keep them, remove them, or reorganize them. Your car and how you keep it is unique to you. Keep that in mind when organizing your car.

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5 Simple and Clever Ways to Organize Your Car on a Budget

October 3, 2022

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