I initially wanted help organizing my foyer coat closet as it had become a hodge podge of things that didn’t necessarily belong there. And also my linen closet and it being stuffed with things I only use once a year for family/guests staying w/me.  But soon after starting to work with Patricia, it became obvious that other areas needed her input! 

Patricia’s energy (which seems to know no bounds), her excitement and enjoyment in what she does, which is contagious….her ability to have a clear vision for where things should go, BUT doing so while taking into account my habits and objectives and preferences (not pushing hers onto me).  Her utter joy in her work.  Her work ethic – she just goes and goes and goes and all with delight.  I also really appreciated the process she goes through, and which she takes me on as well – and how some things are decided in advance, but some come about through the process of seeing what I have and what I will get rid of… that process brings up some “light bulb” moments when you realize where something should go, etc.!

Since I worked with Patricia, I have said to friends: “She is super-woman” – “I didn’t think I needed her, but now that she has done what she does, I don’t know how I lived without her”, “I want to keep my closets and cabinets open just to see how beautiful they look!”


Robin G.

October 18, 2016