I’m a good organizer myself, but having moved from a large house to a small apartment my biggest stress was not putting something away, but putting it away so I’d be able to find it again. When having dinner guests, there was always an issue tracking down the items required to set a table or make a meal. I needed to make decisions about how to use my awkward and limited space for maximum functionality. 

Patricia is a joy, an organizing angel!  Future clients need to be warned that they’d quickly become addicted to her magic touch.  Patricia is intelligent, astute, and meticulous.  She does not just rearrange, but thoroughly cleans every surface as she goes. Since Patricia’s rates are so reasonable it makes it easier to hire her on an ongoing basis. Plus, she just makes me happy and inspires me to keep it up. My home now functions so much better. 

My recommendation is to cancel all therapist, never mind your investment banker, just hire Patricia. She will be the best investment. 

Brookline, MA

Marilyn T.

September 22, 2016