“Restore the Earth” is the 2021 theme for the Earth Day. If you are looking for ways to participate, I will suggest you to aim at junk mail, our daily hassle. I mean, who isn’t tired of losing time sorting through mail just to purge most of it?

Over 100 Billion pieces of junk mail are delivered each year in America, only to be rejected by us at home. Each year, these pieces of paper add 1 billion pounds of waste to landfills.

“Junk mail is not only an annoyance, more importantly – it is a negligent use of our natural resources. The forests on Earth absorb 2 billion tons of carbon a year. Junk mail adds to rapid deforestation – meaning that there are fewer trees aiding in the reduction of greenhouse gases.” –Heal The Planet

What can we do to stop junk mail?

1.       Go paperless

Get an email with your bank statements, retirement accounts, life insurance or any other important companies you have a relationship with.

 2.       Enough with credit card offers

Visit OPTOUTPRESCREEN.COM and remove your name from their list for 5 years or forever. You can always change your mind and get back in. Ask the company to place your information on their “in house” list that is not sold or traded to other companies.

 3.       Unwanted catalogs and phone books?

Visit DEX.COM and opt out from their list.

 4.       DMACHOICE.com

Remove your name from mailing lists for a $2 fee. You will notice the difference in 90 days.

Let’s work together to reduce the paper waste and care for our Planet.

4 ways to stop Junk mail

April 19, 2021