As a teenager, while all my friends talked about having kids, I would always say I wanted to have a career instead. Turns out life had other plans and I became a mom and wife. But that goal was there, simmering, waiting for me to feel strong enough to jump into the unknown and got for it. I had a lot to learn before finding the career I fell in love with, but few simple questions kept me going and growing. What needed to change? How? What steps could I take to get there?

I don’t mean to over simplify it, but these questions are in the core of all transformations we need to work on in order to feel we are living life at full. They invite us to spread wings and look for higher air currents to explore. They expand how we see ourselves, empower us to face our own fears, help us dream. No matter if at work or at home, take a look within and around you. Do you feel you are living your best life?

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

Lewis Carroll

Clear goals are the first step towards any journey and it’s not different with organization. Taking on too much and feeling scattered in thousand directions are usually signs of unclear goals and priorities. Before the organizing action, take a deep breath and be curious. What need to change? Which steps should you take to get it done? What’s your goal for that space? How can it be improved to support your well being?

I know that clutter triggers stress and anxiety and when you feel motivated to tackle it, you just want get it done. But without clear goals and priorities, chances are you will dedicate hours to the task without seeing any results. When we pause and take some time to clarify our goals, we get inspired to make choices that will impact our life positively. The more we improve, the stronger we get. Take some time to think about your goals and how you will get there.



Are you clear about your goals?

March 19, 2021