I have been moving around for years, and had many, many boxes that I had not opened in that time. I had no time to deal with them, but the clutter and chaos caused by never fully moving in to the places where I lived was so stressful! I felt that I could never invite friends over because the space was awkward and embarrassing. Finally, I just decided that there were some tasks, although I was capable of doing them, I was never going to make time for. Contracting Patricia to help me with these was a miracle. Not only did I get rid of the boxes and settle into my apartment, but she turned it into a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting *home*. I moved a lot of boxes many times over the years instead of just unpacking them and getting rid of things, and that made every move more expensive. If I had done this years ago, I would have saved money in the long run. I put this off too long. If I could have given myself this gift a decade ago, the quality of my daily life would have been so much better

Karen Kieffer

August 7, 2020