If I could give Patricia ten stars, I would! She helped me with packing, unpacking, and organizing in my new house. She’s AMAZING. I am a messy, disorganized person who gets anxiety attacks just thinking about packing and moving. In two days she had me totally packed- and packed perfectly! I used a large and highly regarded Boston mover, and the crew chief on my move said it was the best PBO (packed by owner) he’d EVER seen. And the move cost hundreds less than the quote, which they said was because it was so well packed and well prepared. Hiring Patricia to pack practically paid for itself. And my new house! It’s so beautiful! My kitchen is like a dream. A dream where everything makes sense and stuff is easy to find and even better, things are set up in a way that’s easy to maintain. I never thought I’d be able to keep it going, but it’s just so logical, it feels natural. Patricia did more unpacking in two days than I would have in six months. I could literally have guests over a week after moving in because of her. And everything is so smartly thought through. I love that she doesn’t just want to put things out of sight. She wants to create true order, and in a way that I can follow on my own. She pays attention to how you use things, and how often. Patricia really listens. Also, she’s delightful, kind, and extremely trustworthy! I left her alone with jewelry and expensive things with no worries. I gave her a key to my house to do organizing when I wasn’t there, in fact. If you’re thinking about hiring Patricia for anything- do it! You’ll be so happy. Even if you’re already organized, unlike me, she can still help in ways you may not have even thought of yet. It’s the best money I think I’ve ever spent. Her prices are extremely fair and she’s super efficient. She’s a genius at anything related to being organized or creating systems. I would have been so desperately miserable trying to do this myself. And I could never have done it a fraction as well. Patricia really made a difference in my life. She has my thanks and my highest recommendation.

Samantha Katzen

January 3, 2018