I hired Patricia on as a last ditch effort to get us packed and ready for our move. We had eleven years to sort through and pack and we had done a lot of the purging but just couldn’t get the packing under control. She came in and got right to work packing the kitchen. She then worked on the living room and the kid’s rooms. I was amazed by her efficiency and speed. Having her there to help pack helped me continue to clean and purge. She came back another day to help finish up in the garage with my husband and I was shocked at how organized it was. Our garage hadn’t been that organized in years. I can honestly say that we would not have been ready for the movers to arrive if she hadn’t been there to help. Best money spent and would most certainly hire her again…but after this I don’t ever plan to move again! HA! But I will hire her again to help us get organized and unpacked in the new house!

Lisa A.

July 19, 2017