Hi, I’m Patricia Ramos, and my organizational practice is personal.

I take great pride in helping make the first steps possible in each client’s journey to creating calm and peace in their lives.

My journey began in Brazil where as a child I experienced abuse and abandonment. I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong in a family with an absent parent, feeling overwhelmed in a house that was always messy, and feeling powerless in a school that was oppressive. Each day was a struggle, and I learned at an early age that I needed a plan of action to cope.

Organization became a daily practice that kept me grounded in childhood and gave me some sense of control and empowerment in a life in which I had none. When I put things in order, it made me feel stronger and able to tackle any challenge.

I understand that life can be messy — figuratively and physically. I have been married and divorced and am the mother of two children. I’ve worked as a journalist, a marketer, and a PR professional under the pressure of constant deadlines. And I’ve moved to different countries across the globe — from Brazil, to Spain, Greece, and Cuba – before I immigrated to the United States.

Patricia’s Story

By the time I moved to the US, staying organized became a lifestyle that kept me sharp, productive, and goal oriented. When I first arrived in Massachusetts, I worked as a house cleaner. And the lives and homes I saw seemed all too familiar. Many clients were busy professionals who were overwhelmed and paralyzed by clutter. Some were sad, anxious, or angry, and their homes had become hostile environments.

That’s when I decided to establish Order & Bliss. My life lacked a true professional meaning and purpose until I realized organization is my superpower!

Organization has become much more than a way to cope with my own life’s circumstances and transitions. It is talent and a tool that I use to help empower others to gain peace of mind and new perspectives. Having experienced the way of life that my busy professional clients live and the life transitions that other clients are currently facing, I can relate to them with kindness and without judgment … and I can help.

Every time I serve my clients, it’s a healing process. We share many stories with each other, laughing and sometimes crying together through the process. Making people happier, healthier, and more productive in their lives makes me happy. When clients work with me, I am their partner and their champion. I am a catalyst for lasting change.

Creating Order & Bliss

Extensive scientific research in the past 15 years has made a connection between clutter and our physical, emotional, and mental health. Disorganization has been linked to elevated levels of stress hormones, brain fog, insomnia, obesity, and financial hardships.

I help my clients make the connection between their environment and their poor mental or physical health. And I’m most fulfilled when I can educate my clients about the holistic importance and benefits of organization.

By sharing the skills that I have developed throughout my life and through my NAPO® training and certification, I empower my clients. I work not just for them, but together with them. I go beyond simply organizing things to teaching about systems that facilitate productivity and peace of mind.

Supporting my clients has been a beautiful part of my journey. I believe organization is a vital life skill and I’m ready to share my knowledge with you.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Finding Peace of Mind

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